Meet GENRIC Insurance Company

As a leading insurer, GENRIC provides risk-financing facilities to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs with an insurance business concept to participate in the insurance market. Our partner model means that product innovators retain control of their business while participating in the economic benefits of insurance, at lower cost and with fewer compliance hurdles than having to secure a full insurance licence of their own.


Our objective is to be the insurance partner of choice that provides growth and structured processes and operational alignment that facilitate the success of our business partners, retaining the individuality, unique skills, innovation mindset and customer centricity needed to provide an excellent service and more competitive premiums to brokers and clients.


We focus on developing unique models of managing the integration of our systems and data, ensuring alignment with regulatory requirements and future proofing our shared business models for success. We strive to be the preferred insurance partner, creating sustainable value for all our stakeholders.

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