Hospital Plan

Monthly Premiums

The rates below are for Individuals, per insured per month.
If you are a member as part of a Group/ Company, your rate may be different.


R215 PM

Adult Dependent

R170 PM

Child Dependent

R75 PM

In-Hospital Accident Benefit

ICU Benefit
Shortfall Benefit
Post-Hospital Accident Rehabilitation
In-Hospital Illness Benefit

Maternity Benefit
casualty benefit for accidents
casualty benefit for illness
general practitioner visits (GP/doctor)
out-of-network general practitioner visits (gp)
in-room procedures
pharmacy clinic nurse care
specialist benefit
acute medication
over-the-counter medication (OTC)
chronic medication
R300 000 per insure per event. Maximum of R1 000 000 per policy per annum. Pre-authorisation required.
Included in Hospital Benefits.
Included in Hospital Benefits.
R10 000 per insured per event for physiotherapy and occupational therapy only. Pre-authorisation required
R50 000 per insured per event. Not for conditions that develop over time. Limited to R500 000 per policy per annum. Pre-authorisation required.
No Benefit.
R30 000 per policy. Pre-authorisation required.
No Benefit.
No Benefit.

No Benefit

No Benefit.
No Benefit.
No Benefit
No Benefit.
No Benefit.
No Benefit.
No Benefit.
No Benefit.
No Benefit.
No Benefit.


Hospital Footprint

Access to all private hospitals accepting health insurance products. Pre-Authorisation is required for all hospital admissions on 010 599 1172.


24-hour Emergency Medical Services

24-hour cover for private ambulances and medical evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Personal Health Advisor

Clinically trained Personal Health Advisor available for telephonic consultations and advice, including Trauma Councelling, Health Information, Chronic condition management, general Health advice.

Accidental Death

Principal: R15 000
Adult Dependant: R10 000
Child Dependant: R8 000

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